What is new in WebFormator version 2.4c

This version contains only a change for Internet Explorer 8.
Now you can also select entries in listboxes when you use Internet Explorer 8.

Important notes:
1. in Windows Vista and Windows 7 WebFormator can only be loaded when the user account control (UAC) is switched off.
To load WebFormator even with activated UAC you can generate a shortcut on the Desktop. To enable WebFormator you simply right-click on this shortcut, select properties and in the extras check the item "Run as Administrator".

2. If you press F12 in Internet Explorer 8 you first come to the developers tools.
Only if you press F12 once again you will come to WebFormator.

You can change F12 in WebFormator.
To do so please load Internet Explorer and WebFormator with it, open settings screen of WebFormator by pressing ALT+O, go to Tab "Miscellanious" and click on "key assignment" and change the key for the first function for example to F9 or CTRL+F12.

3. when you use COBRA 8.0 or 8.1 the Favorites menue of Internet Explorer 8 can not be displayed correctly.
This is a error in COBRA and will be solved in the next version.

What is new in WebFormator version 2.4

  • WebFormator 2.4 is compatible with Internet Explorer 8.0 Beta 2
  • under Windows Vista the settings are saved in directory \documents and settings\<username>\Application data\BAUM Retec\WebFormator. This is the only place where the settings can be changed without admin rights.
  • to have user debendent settings or to save the settings in this directory simply open file WebFormator.INI in WebFormator directory (C:\Program files\WebFormator) and add in section [adjustment] the following line:
  • new settings on tab "Settings":
    • start only with running screen reader
      Is this checkbox activated, WebFormator will only be shown, if COBRA, BLINDOWS or VIRGO or another screen reader is running that sets the Windows screen reader flag.
      If no screen reader is running, WebFormator will not be activated automatically.
      You can activate WebFormator than every time by pressing F12.
      If this checkbox is not activated, WebFormator will start automatically independent of the Windows screen reader flag.
      This setting is usefull, when more people use WebFormator and some want to use it and some other not.
    • Search for an upcoming message box of Internet Explorer and activate it automatically
      Especially with Internet Explorer 7 in older versions of WebFormator upcoming message boxes of Internet Explorer were not presented by Webformator. Now you can decide wat to do.
      If this checkbox is activated, WebFormator will present such message boxes, whenever they appear.
    • delay refresh of page after WF action (for AJAX)
      Especially made for web pages, that change their content after loading (dynamic HTML DHTML and AJAX).
      If this checkbox is activated, WebFormator delays the presentation of the web page after some actions for a few miliseconds.
      The automatic refresh of the shown page will be made, when you edit a edit field or an listbox and leave the element by pressing CTRL+Enter or CTRL+Shift+Enter or press the buttons next or previous.
  • New settings on tab "View"
    • show links without MSAA Value
      Normally a link has also a MSAA value. WebFormator didn't present links without MSAA Value earlier because they were normally link ankors.
      Now we found out, that on some rar web pages there are normal links without MSAA value.
      In this listbox you can select, what to do:
      • no: no links without MSAA Value are presented
      • only with MSAA Name: only those links are shown, that have a correct description
      • all: all links without MSAA Value are presented
  • improovements:
    • improovements in combination with Internet Explorer 7
      • Links without a correct description text but with a labeled image (graphic) are now presented correctly with the name of the image.
      • upcoming message boxes were not shown by WebFormator. Now you can decide if they should be presented or not with setting "search for an upcoming message box of Internet Explorer and activate it automatically" on page "Setting" in settings screen (ALT+O).
    • on web pages that change their content after loading the new content will be loaded automatically, when you leave a edit box or list box with CTRL+Enter, CTRL+Shift+Enter or the corresponding buttons Next or Previous.
    • if a graphical button has no description the setting "filter graphics file names" on page "View" is used and the name of an graphic will be presented without the url.
    • in listboxes where you can select more than one element, you can do this now by pressing and holding the shift key, while walking around with cursor up and down to select the specific items.
    • if you click on minimize or close in WebFormator window, WebFormator will be switched of as if you press F12. This was a wish of sighted persons.
    • in the dialogues Link list, Download list and Frames list you can now decide to hide the url.
    • the font was changed to Thahoma to get kurdish WebFormator working.
  • New functions:
    • you can save the shown web page by pressing CTRL+Q.
      With CTRL+Shift+Q you can load the saved page again.
      This function is made especially for testing purposes. This is importand, when a web page is only an internal page in your companies internal web or when it is a closed area where a password is needed. In such cases we can not look for problems that occur on those pages. Now you can save the current page by pressing CTRL+Q and mail the page to us.
      After pressing CTRL+Q the following files are stored in the WebFormator directory:
      • webformator_WebPageMSAAData.XML, the MSAA object tree.
      • webformator_WebPageDOMData.XML, the object tree
      • webformator_WebPageHTMLData.XML

      Important: When you press CTRL+Q the contend of an old file will be deleted and overwritten by the new files.